Working in tiny batches with only the highest quality organic fruit from local farms, we have a particular fondness for fruit and floral combinations that celebrate seasonality and responsibly sourced ingredients. We pride ourselves on creating unique and flavorful spreads using forgotten favorites like scented geranium leaves, rosewater and lavender. While Sweet Deliverance NYC has been delivering organic meals since 2007, our line of Jams & Chutneys didn’t come to market until June of 2010, following the development of Sweet and Tart, 101 Canning and Preserving Recipes for the Modern Kitchen , written by Sweet Deliverance chef creator Kelly Geary and co-author Jesse Knadler, (Spring 2011 - Rodale Press). Awareness of our jams and chutneys is growing, and fans have come to look forward to the uniquely delicious surprises found in a Sweet Deliverance jar.

Current Flavors

Strawberry Chamomile Honey Jam

Strawberry Orange Blossom Jam

Blackberry Lavender Jam

Raspberry Rose Jam

Concord Grape Jam

Ground Cherry Jam SOLD OUT

Meyer Lemon Goldenrod Honey Marmalade

Heirloom Red Grapefruit Marmalade

Spiced Brown Sugar Peach Butter

You can get your hands on our jams at the following high end retailers

NYC ABC Carpet & Home * ABC Beer Co.Bedford Cheese Shop * Bedford Cheese Shop Manhattan * Brooklyn Kitchen * Brooklyn Victory Garden * By BrooklynChoice Greene * Depanneur * Fleisher’s Park Slope * Fleisher’s Kingston * Greene Grape Provisions * Lucy’s Whey * Marlow & Daughters * Murray's * Saxelby Cheesemongers * Stinky * Wedge NY State The Hop Beacon DC Salt & Sundry CA Bi-rite Market * Umami Mart  MI Zingerman's WI Underground Butcher Nationwide West Elm MarketS